Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok so darc had to help me with these pics. I will learn and very soon! These pics are from awhile ago. We have been bad mothers and hav'nt taken any in awhile. We will be having a sleep over with my nephew Kole on tuesday, so I'll take some pics then and share with you,,,meanwhile here is callie and her cousin Savanah.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

valentines day

I am sooo excited to say that I received the greatest gift from Darc for valentines day. Let me explain first. Many many years ago, my favorite cologne was discontinued. I have searched and searched for this all over,,,,and anything that came close to the smell. It was hopeless,,,unless we paid 300.00 dollars for a small bottle on Ebay. By the way years ago it was only 30.00 dollars. I should also explain that darcy never just gives a present,,,She has to make you work for it...So I did and the rest is history. I am now the proud owner of Ultima II, yeah!!! I am so excited I will probably not use it. I did ask darc how she got this, she said she practicly had to sleep with a guy to get it....(Oh well,,,what some women do for their women).....

Monday, February 11, 2008

help me,,,I am blogging

Ok, so darc has been really busy working...It is very hard for her to work from home and keep her sanity with callie. I am sooooo lucky to be able to leave and go outside of the home to work. Don't get me wrong I adore my little angel but, she can be very trying sometime. I think it may be her age,,,oh yes and the fact that she is a girl!!!! No matter what we say to her, she always has a comeback! Callie,,,"but mom,,but mom,,,your not listening" "I am trying to tell you something" and to top it off she is also making these sounds of disgust with her voice. She use to go to bed so good,,,now at night she turns into a monster for about 30 mins before we go upstairs..."I want a snack",,,"I have to pee",,,"I'm not tired",,,and it goes on and on and on......Help,,I think someone stool my darling little angel and turned her into a monster!!!
Oh yes,,,and I wish I was with our great family out in Utah,,enjoying the snow,,playing with all the kids, and yes everyone but Karen,,,sorry,,,enjoying some well deserved alcoholic drinks...Hey congrats to Karen and J,,,you guys have to be so excited!!!!Callies family keeps getting bigger and bigger,,,I love it,,miss you all much...m

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ditto is a Jackass

Hello Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I blogged, but I am making it up to you by putting in video!!! YIPPPEEEEE (Let's just hope it works!) Anyway, tis the season to do all kinds of fun stuff, and since we have been sick for the last few weeks, we are CRAMMING it all into the final days before Christmas.
Every year M, C, and I head to the cutest little Christmas village where we take a horse and buggy ride, sit by a campfire drinking hot cocoa, and just giggle and have fun looking through the village. Generally they have a few barn yard animals that C loves to visit. This year however, the only darndable animal we could see up close was a donkey named Ditto. Of course M and I were like a couple of little kids because the sign did not SAY that Ditto was a donkey...instead it said "Ditto is a Jackass". Yes K, we are also EXACTLY like two 12 year old boys that snicker and chuckle under our breath at the most ridiculous things. You and J are not alone! Anyway, you will even see the sign in our video, so just in case you are wondering WHY that is a part of the tape, just know we get our kicks in strange ways! ENJOY!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trip to the Beauty Shop

Our family is really lucky because M has a niece that is an EXCELLENT Beautician, and we get our hair done for virtually nothing. Highlights and a cut might be $30 or $40 bucks yet when she does it, it looks like a million bucks!! The only problem is she is tough to get. Generally we just go to her house, or she comes to ours, but this week has been a challenge because Callie has been sick, and M's niece has been so busy. My Mom has a Christmas picture scheduled for Callie on Saturday so we HAD to go to the beauty shop where M's niece works for Callie's haircut. As M was getting ready Callie started crying and claiming to be scared to go to an actual salon. She was whining and whimpering and we weren't sure if she would go through with it. However, I pulled out the tough love and she unwillingly went out the door with M to get the dreaded haircut.
Of course I KNEW they would make a big fuss over her and make her feel like such a big girl, so I wasn't worried. M's niece had also promised sparkles in her hair, so Callie was a little excited about that. did it go you ask??? Well just look at this beautiful face and you tell me!! I just couldn't get over the curls!! If you turn Callie upside down she has the most bouncy curls. Unfortunately, they are hidden beneath the rest of her hair. However, we learned some tricks to get those curls to pop out, and WOW is she cute with this new cut!! Just had to brag and share her picture with everyone.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tree by Callie

Instead of braving the malls at an ungodly hour I decided instead to brave the decorations that Callie picked out this year for her Christmas tree. We actually have two trees in our house; one is in the play room in our basement (which is Callie's tree) and the other is in our upstairs living room in the front window. This year I told Callie that she could do the honors and pick out new decorations for her tree. I just couldn't bear to use the old ones for one more year. They were a culmination of things that I had acquired over the years that really had no sentimental value, and I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I bought them because they were downright UGLY! So those old things will be retired, and in their place will be ornaments chosen by a happy 4 year old that couldn't be more proud of her design. I have to say that we did most of the shopping at the Dollar Store, and the lights came from Wal-Mart because she asked for purple, and those are a little tough to come by. I had a ball watching her toss things in the cart and change her mind a thousand times. She took her job quite seriously, and today, as we got everything out of the bags and sorted it on the floor, she has so excited. She was holding each ornament up and asking which was my favorite. It was a tough call considering that I was choosing between giant pink butterflys, gigantic silver snowflakes, and a wide array of bulbs in every color and size. My favorite part of the entire day was watching her face as she carefully placed each ornament on the tree. She would step back and make sure she liked the spot, and quite often she would remove it from the branch and try another spot until she was satisfied.
So I am sure you are ready for the debut of Callie's first Christmas tree designed and decorated all by our little Christmas angel.

Of course she had to jump in and pose a bit too, so here are a few more shots.

Another really cool part of the day was sharing a memory with Callie that I had when I was a little girl. My Dad had a train that he had gotten as a Christmas present when he was 12 years old. Every year we would get it out and put it around our tree. It was always a project because it was so old, and it never ran quite right. The track had to be sanded, and the transformer would hum and spark with electricity. I loved it though, and once it was running my Dad and I would sit by the tree and watch for hours. When my dad passed away the train became mine, and today Callie and I spent several hours making sure that it would be a part of our Christmas memories together. It took a lot of work to get it to run, but it was just as I remembered. I know it's a little boring, but here is a picture of our train. It is 52 years old this Christmas.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Price of Poo

So Callie is a child that struggles with constipation, and M and I struggle with what the hell to do to get our child to poop. Amazing how pooping becomes a MAJOR life altering event, but in our household, Callie taking a crap is actually better than having Ed McMahon knock on our door with a giant ten million dollar check. So maybe that is an exaggeration, but let me tell ya, it is a celebration when Callie finally goes to the potty around here. (Remember ladies, I claimed long ago that we have no life, so get over it and keep reading).
We have talked to the pediatrician so many times I am sure she is tired of hearing about Callie's bowel habits, or lack of bowel habits I should say. Well, the bottom line is that Callie is scared that it is going to create PAIN when she goes, so she holds it in only causing MORE pain. Of course we have tried explaining it to her, but when you are four years old and all you know is that when you go to the bathroom your bummy feels like it has been lit on fire, you choose to avoid the voice of reason.
So after giving this child every version of fiber, and loading her up with anything that might make it easier for her to poop, I was told by quite a few folks to give her an incentive. So today as she was writhing in pain and refusing to go to the bathroom, I asked her what toy she would like to have if she went to the potty. She started telling me about a My Little Pony that one of her classmates brought to school for show and tell. So I started telling her that we would go get the pony as soon as she pooped. We went through a lot of tears, and a lot of hesitation, but I finally got her to the bathroom talking all about My Little Pony. She was telling me that this damn Pony sings and dances, so I was playing right into it as she is sitting there with a beet red face and a look of panic. I was telling her that the Pony would be singing and she would have so much fun brushing her hair, and although she was petrified, she was finally trying to go. I was determined!! I kept talking about the Pony and she did the job! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! I could harddly wipe the child's butt because she was jumping up and down. She couldn't wait to get her prize for pooping. Wouldn't it be great to get the things you want in life just from sitting on the toilet! WOW! Amazing huh....well wait till ya hear this.
I decide to hop on the computer to take a look at this toy I was going to go buy. She told me it sings and dances and plays games. I still wasn't thinking I would have sticker shock, but when this crazy Pony popped up on the Wal Mart site the price tag was $50.00!!! Heaven help me, I just paid a child $50 for poop! I tried to tell her that there were so many other My Little Pony toys and we needed to pick out another one, but her little face looked so betrayed after I practically forced her to push through the pain and actually poop that I knew I was on the hook for this $50 pony!!!
I knew M would be PISSED at me, but hell, she wasn't there! Not easy to see a child in pain and feel so helpless. But ultimately, I was had! In the end though, she did poop, and that was worth $50! Take a look at this happy little girl with her new Pony! The damn thing better know how to wipe Callie's butt too for $50.00 freakin dollars!!!!